Who are these
PvP Geeks?

Hello there, you found us!

We are PvP Geeks: a brand new tabletop publishing company from Modena, Italy.

At the beginning of 2017 we set out to create the definitive competitive tabletop game: we called it Skytear.

This website doesn’t have much… other than our faces and silly descriptions (we can’t take ourselves too seriously… so bear with us!)

All the interesting things are happening over on the Skytear website

So CLICK HERE check that out!



Still here?!

Then you deserve to read our manifesto for the game of our dreams, the ones that got us started in the first place:

  • We want a game that takes years to master and that is constantly renewed. Where I can challenge my skills every week with tournament close to me. A game with a strong, healthy and vibrant community (wooooh, okay, we slow down now)
  • We want significant deck-building choices when preparing for the game… so that we can play between games! A game where we can draw many cards, put them together in new combos and be (somehow 🙂 proud of my creativity
  • We do NOT want to be forced into buying “mandatory” expansions or upgrade kits… or to be put together FAQ’s from multiple sources in order to know how to actually play it
  • We do NOT want a game with a broken “meta”… where for years you see only the same options and combinations…
  • We do NOT want luck to play a BIG role in it. It’s nice to have but it shouldn’t determine the outcome… too much
  • We would like to see beautiful art and miniatures. Coming alive into an original world full of backstories and depth.
  • We want it super fast to set-up and set-down. Without “bookkeeping” or other tedious activities to do just to keep the “game moving”
  • And finally… I want a game that makes me forget to pick up the phone and have fun every single minute I’m playing (okay.. or almost every single minute) 

If this sounds good to you, check out Skytear, that’s the game we’re building over there: https://www.playskytear.com/

We look forward to meeting you around the web or in-person at some events  🙂

Riccardo 'Riugy' Neri

In theory my focus should be designing the rules of Skytear… but in #harsh-reality I have to deal with a little bit of everything…. otherwise we wouldn’t be a “scrappy” startup right?

Role: Leader & Game designer
Class: Bruiser


Andrea 'Andre' Barbari

I’m the one that’s regularly beaten by Riugy during play test sessions.  Truth said, I’m the one actually developing the game  so I believe I’m the most important person in the team… mwuahah.

Role: Game designer
Class: Warrior


Giacomo 'James' Neri

Basically they told me to spread the word about Skytear and gather thousands of fans for a game that… doesn’t exist. Well… I always liked hard quests so I accepted the challenge and got started right away.

Role: Communication
Class: Bard

Riccardo 'Parme' Parmeggiani

I’m the one creating the Skytear universe. I mean… I ask inputs to the other PvP Geeks but at the end of the day I call the shot on what should be what in this new fantasy world we are creating.
(yes, it’s quite fun!)

Role: Production manager
Class: Support


Francesco 'Gibbo' Gioacchini

The other PvP Geeks are thinking that to design a game all you need is a bunch of mechanics and a theme. How wrong they are… without balance and fine tuning no game is worth playing. Luckily for them, I’m the one in charge of this!

Role: Game developer
Class: Tank



We are looking for allies all over the world.

If you like what we are doing and want to play test or help us in other ways, do not hesitate to reach out to us: hello@pvpgeeks.com

Role: Ambassador
Class: ??